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Good Support by Dr Banupriya

I am 70 yr old with couple of other health issues but Dr Banupriya Madam made sure that it doesn't affects my current therapy by monitoring my health on a daily basis.i am feeling better and happy with the care and support.


My name is Srinivasan. My wife Jayanti was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer as her tumor had spread to brain. We were told that her chance of survival was very less. Our family physician referred us to Dr. Banupriya. She treated my wife with radiation, chemotherapy and supportive medications. Thanks to her efforts my wife is able to function normally again and she has a good quality of life as of now. We are thankful to Dr. Banupriya for her kindness and compassion.


My name is Selvalakshmi, I was diagnosed with cancer in the food pipe at the age of 45 years. When I came to Banupriya Madam I could not eat solid food and was very scared of dying. Madam treated me with radiation and chemotherapy. She advised me to be strong and with her help today I am eating well and have gained weight. My family and I are very grateful to Madam.


My name is vivithakaran,26 years old, I am coming from Srilanka. I sustained multiple injuries in a road traffic accident, following which I developed multiple ugly scars . I underwent surgery twice, but it kept coming back. Then I met Dr. Banupriya and madam advised me to undergo repeat surgery and after this she gave radiation to the wounds in both hands hand and over chest. After radiation, the scar did not come back. Now because of Dr. Banupriya,I am very happy and got married recently. I am very thankful to her.


Dr. Banupriya treated my mother for brain cancer. Before starting treatment, my mother was very concerned about side effects and possibility of cure. Dr. Banupriya took special care in making my mother comfortable and made sure that she underwent the treatment with minimal side effects. My mother is healthy now for the past two years, all thanks to Dr. Banupriya.

Prativa Chakma

My name is Prativa Chakma, I come from Bangladesh. I came to Chennai to get treatment for cancer in my right breast. I met Dr. Banupriya through a friend. She treated me with radiation and gave me tremendous support during my moment of crisis. I am back home now and feel very happy and confident about my future. Dr. Banupriya is a true blessing for me.

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