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What is Radiation Oncology And Radiation Therapy?

Radiation Oncology

radiation oncology in chennai

Radiation oncology is a treatment modality for cancer using ionizing radiation.

Radiation treatment may be used alone or along with chemotherapy or surgery. It is a fully non-invasive method that can be administered on an outpatient basis.

Recent advances in technology has enabled cancer patients to recover faster with fewer side-effects and has helped them to lead a better life.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) uses high-energy radiation such as X-rays, gamma rays, electrons or proton beams to damage the DNA of cancer cells resulting in their death and shrinkage of tumour. It is a safe and effective treatment method.

A controlled amount of radiation is applied to the tumour site with minimal exposure of healthy cells to radiation. Radiation is delivered using special machines called linear accelerators.


types of radiation therapy in chennai

External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) - As the name suggests delivers radiation to the tumour from the external source without any contact with the patient. External Beam radiation therapy is administered using a special machine called linear acceleration. EBRT is delivered for around six to eight weeks and it is an outpatient procedure.

Brachytherapy - Brachytherapy or Internal Radiation Therapy radiation is delivered by inserting a radioactive source into the body and positioning it either within the tumour or in tumour cavity. This technique is particularly used to treat cancer in the eye, cervix, rectum, uterus, and vagina.

brachytherapy in chennai radiation therapy in chennai

When is radiation therapy done?

Radiation therapy protocols vary for different types of cancer. The treatment is based on factors such as type, location, and stage of cancer.

For some patients, radiation therapy is recommended as a primary treatment modality. For others, radiation therapy is given after surgery or chemotherapy to make the treatment more effective.

Radiation therapy is helpful in reducing pain, pressure and other discomforts such as bleeding caused by advanced tumours and helps to improve a patient's quality of life.


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