Cervical Cancer

Date :30-Jan-2021

Cervical cancer is the cancer that affects the tissues of the cervix, which is the narrow canal that connects the lower part of a woman’s womb to the vagina. These cancers can sometimes be confined in the cervix or it may spread to other parts of the body like the lungs, liver, bladder, vagina, and rectum. There are various risk factors which may increase your likelihood to get cervical cancer like:

  • Having sex at an early age
  • Having multiple sexual partners
  • Being on birth control pills for a long while
  • Having sexully transmitted diseses
  • Compromised immune system
  • Smoking cigarettes

Cervical Cancer in chennai


The symptoms manifested in a cervical cancer patient may include:

  • Pain while having sex
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Pain while urinating
  • Frequent urination

In the advanced stages, or once the cancer has spread to other organs, there may be symptoms like:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Kidney failure
  • Pain in the bones
  • Unexplained Weight loss and lack of appetite
  • Fatigue

Cervical Cancer in chennai

Treatment and Prevention

If detected early, cervical cancer can be treated successfully using various treatment options like surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy. These treatment options are sometimes used in combination for better outcomes. Regular pelvic exams and cervical Pap smear tests can detect cellular changes early. Therefore, it is the key to prevention of invasive cancers. For women in the age group of 30 to 65, it is recommended to get both Pap test and a human papillomavirus (HPV) test every 5 years. Routine testing is vital for improving the outlook of women with cervical cancer as this cancer is very much treatable when caught early.

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